Docker Datacenter Remote Training Series

Docker Datacenter Remote Training Series

Docker Datacenter Remote Training Series


Master Docker Datacenter with the help of Docker Training’s new remote training series. This set of courses is designed for IT operators to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot Docker Datacenter with emphasis on Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP).<

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This series is designed for convenience and flexibility without compromising on the learning experience. Each course will be delivered remotely online and designed to be completed in 4-hours for each course. We’ve also limited the seats to only 8 students. That means no travel, more flexibility, and great one on one attention from the instructor. Just make sure you have a good internet connection, log in, and start learning!

The Learning Experience:

Docker’s learning philosophy is learning by doing, but with support. That means that in these courses you will be challenged by hands on activity 80% of the time with increasingly more difficult tasks. This will not be a course where you simply listen to a few lectures and do a few exercises. Instead, you will be doing real tasks that are designed to mirror common real-life use-cases. We will provide you the support needed to help you through until you are able to complete the most complex tasks on your own. You will start on simple tasks with a lot of support and help, and we will give you increasingly more difficult or varied tasks while reducing the support At the end, you’ll be able to do advanced tasks without any help. The goal of the course is that you will be able to complete similar tasks outside the class, all on your own. That is mastery.

You’ll also be able to see how much you’ve gained from the course, quantitatively. At the beginning and at the end of the course you will take an assessment and the delta between them is your Learning Gain metric. You will not only feel confident with the subject matter, you’ll be able to prove it!

How to pass:

Unlike other courses you may be used to, where you get a completion just by showing up, we care about the outcome of this training for your success in your environment. That means that completion of the course is tied to a passing grade on the assessment given at the end of the course. If that is giving you bad memories of a final exam, don’t fear! Our courses are designed systematically for your success. Completing this course is an accomplishment and you will also gain bragging rights.


2 Days

3 instructor led training


The Docker Datacenter Training series consist of three courses designed to be taken in order:


  1. Deploying Docker Datacenter for Evaluation and Production 
  2. Managing Container Services with Docker Datacenter 
  3. User Management and Troubleshooting Docker Universal Control Plane.



You must have Docker toolbox installed, or have sufficient privileges to install on your device.

We also highly recommend you first get an understanding of the fundamentals of Docker by watching the online training video courses at

We have built in a primer on Docker basics at the beginning of the first course of the series in the case of the uninitiated, but that material is not meant to replace a comprehensive introduction.

Additional Notes

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will I get an official proof of completion for taking this beta course?

Yes, successful passing of the course will give you an official proof of completion.  Passing the course is based on the score of your final assessment.


Q: Do I have to take all three courses?

No...but, we have designed the courses to be taken in a sequence, so you may take them out of order, or only take one or two, but you may risk missing some crucial skills or understand from prior courses.


Q: What happens if I do not pass the final assessment?

We will allow you one free retake of the final assessment after the class that expires 2 weeks after the course date.  To improve your chances of passing, review and practice the lab tasks again prior to retaking.



Deploying Docker Datacenter for Evaluation and Production

In the first course of the Docker Datacenter series, you will be tasked to complete several deployments of Docker Universal Control Plane under different environmental specifications. At the end of this course you will feel confident to successfully deploy Docker Datacenter for your own evaluation or in production for your CaaS environment. This course will also give IT operators an introduction to Docker architecture, components, and Docker Trusted Registry.

Managing Container Services with Docker Universal Control Plane

In the second course of the Docker Datacenter series, you will be tasked to deploy and manage a variety of different Dockerized applications with Docker Universal Control Plane. From simple applications to more advanced multi-container networked applications, you will gain competence to deploy and manage your Dockerized applications in your environment. Supplemental lectures will give you the fundamentals of Docker Swarm, Compose, and networking.

User Management and Troubleshooting Live Fire Course

In the third course of the Docker Datacenter Series, you will be tasked to setup and manage users that mirror common enterprise-level roles and scenarios.  You will also gain experience troubleshooting common issues in Docker Universal Control Plane. 

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